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Live JEE Student1
Live JEE Student1
Live JEE Student1
Live JEE Student1
Live JEE Student1
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The JEE coaching PLAN that

GivesSelection in JEE
Higher Percentage in Boards
Right Counselling
Personalized Approach

At the same Time

AvoidWasting Time
Wasting Money
Negative Psychology
Incorrect Orientation

A systematic Approach towards the path of Success.

Live JEE preparation flow

Aptitude Test - Before start of Class XI course the student has to take up a very Basic Aptitude Test not related to academics to assess whether the student has the aptitude for Engineering Field.

The Class XI is divided into 2 phase
Completion of Syllabus Common to NCERT Book 1 at JEE Level
After 5 months a test is conducted to guide the students about their orientations. There are three outcomes of the test.
  1. Continue with JEE Preparation
  2. Recommendation for school orientation
  3. Force Quit to School Orientation
Group 1 NCERT - Completion of syllabus Common to NCERT XI Book 2 at the school exam level.
Group 2 JEE Orientation - Completion of syllabus Common to NCERT XI Book 2 at the JEE level.
At the end of class XI the syallbus Group 2 once again required to take counsel Test 2. There 3 outcomes for class XII
  1. JEE Advanced Preparation Orientation
  2. JEE Main Orientation
  3. Exclusive board exam orientation
Class XII Course Live JEE

Live JEE Teaching Pattern

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Tick Real-time Interaction
Tick Sign One on One Doubt Removal
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Mark Prerequisites


A Basic PC

From Anywhere

Internet Connection


with Mic

Web Cam

Web Cam
( Any resolutions )

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